We are leaders in providing Businesses and Individuals a wide array of innovative Location Awareness and Alert Technologies for Fleet Tracking, Asset Tracking and Personal Tracking.

Real Time.

Real Accurate.

Real Tracking.

GPS Tracking Group has been at the forefront of GPS tracking technology. In our first year, we developed our famous proprietary software which allows anyone to easily configure and follow our tracking devices from any smart phone, tablet or personal computer. Our unique software is what makes a GPS Tracking Group system so user friendly and intuitive.

Communication between satellite and earthGPS Tracking Group has become the GPS tracking device of choice for caretakers and families of “special needs” individuals. This endorsement was due to our system’s real time and historical tracking features as well as its ability to track both indoors and outdoors with equal precision. Unlike other GPS-Only devices which require an unobstructed line-of-sight to orbiting satellites in order to work, the GPS Tracking Group Alzheimer’s GPS Trackers, our car tracking device and fleet vehicle tracking device can operate 24 hours a day, without fail.

Since the average person spends about 85% of their time each day indoors, this means that the GPS Tracking Group GPRS trackers will work 85% more than other GPS-Only units.

In addition to our Fleet Vehicle Management and Auto GPS Tracking Systems, GPS Tracking Group also offers the latest innovations in GPS tracking technology. Our devices use Quad Band technology to cover all 4 GSM cellular frequencies, giving the GPS Tracker worldwide coverage.

Advanced circuitry in our latest products include a built-in motion detector which allows our devices to “sleep”, when stationary, extending battery life by up to 3 X’s. This and other innovative technologies allows us to offer GPS trackers that can report in the field for up to 3-4 yrs on one single battery charge!
Whether you need to track a loved one across town for peace of mind, a team of fleet vehicles to reduce your annual operating costs by 30%, or military personnel on a mission half-way around the globe, you’ll be able to keep track of what you value MOST!